October 18, 2017

Advanced Issues in Domestic Contracts in Family Law

Advanced Issues in Domestic Contracts in Family Law

Written by: Jennifer Shuber

On October 23, 2017, certified family law specialist and accredited mediator Jennifer Shuber will be co-chairing the Law Society of Upper Canada program “Advanced Issues in Domestic Contracts in Family Law”.


It doesn’t take much for a marriage contract, a separation agreement, or a cohabitation agreement to get complicated. How do you determine what clauses should be included or excluded? Our interdisciplinary panel of presenters provides an in-depth analysis of how to draft clear, enforceable, and consistent provisions in complex agreements. The panel covers such issues as tax, estate planning, insurance trusts, and real estate.  Learn the appropriate way to use software-based precedents, how to avoid future liability issues, and what judges look for when setting aside agreements. Designed for family law lawyers who have experience preparing complicated agreements, this program ensures your skills meet a high threshold in this critical area.

  • Learn how to use software-based precedents effectively and appropriately
  • Be aware of legal parentage agreements and what areas they cover
  • Recognize when to retain an expert and the type of questions you should be asking
  • Understand the circumstances in which the court may set aside an agreement


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