July 14, 2017

Jennifer Samara Shuber receives Family Dispute Mediation Certification

Jennifer Samara Shuber receives Family Dispute Mediation Certification

Written by: Jennifer Shuber

Beard Winter LLP congratulates Jennifer Samara Shuber on her recent certification as a Specialist in Mediation from the Family Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario.  FDRIO is a self-regulating organization of multidisciplinary professionals who facilitate family dispute resolution by providing information and conflict management services to families.

Jennifer’s practice is focused exclusively on family law. She advises clients on all family law matters, including property, support and child-related issues. Jennifer represents clients at all Ontario levels of court, as well as in mediations and arbitrations.  She has extensive family law experience, including in high conflict cases, complex custody and access and high net worth matters.  Jennifer also represents children at the centre of contested custody and access cases, ensuring that the result reached is child focused.

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