March 3, 2017

Judge says treat high conflict parents like children

Judge says treat high conflict parents like children

Written by: Jennifer Shuber

In an earlier blog post, I made reference to a November 2016 decision of the Honourable Mr. Justice Alex Pazaratz and his denunciation of the parties’ practice of videoing each other with the child. In re-reading the reasons in the Whidden and Ellwood case, I discovered commentary by Pazaratz on a wealth of other relevant issues. The decision addresses a multitude of evils: videotaping children, audio-recording the other party, poorly done assessment reports – the list goes on. It is a great read. His honour writes clearly, directly and honestly. No jargon or legalese to be found. The reasons are long but very readable. I would commend the decision to anyone considering family law litigation. It serves as a warning of the damage done when family law cases (and parties) go off the rails. His honour exposes the high conflict cases (and litigants) for what they are and loudly advocates for the children stuck in the middle of such disputes.

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