Articling Program

The Articling Experience at Beard Winter LLP

The articling experience at Beard Winter LLP reflects our pragmatic business philosophy. The emphasis is on providing students with practical experience and training, in a “hands-on” fashion, under our guidance. Students will be involved in all aspects of the litigation process as well as various corporate transactions. They will learn to prepare all types of litigation documents and attend in court for motions, small claims and minor criminal matters. They will be exposed to various “non-traditional” dispute resolution processes, such as mediations and arbitrations. They will also assist the Firm’s lawyers with larger and more complex files. The students’ work will range from assisting in a client matter to having the exclusive responsibility, with supervision, for the carriage of a file.

Students are encouraged to accept as much responsibility as they feel confident in assuming and are guided during their articling year to develop the diverse skills and knowledge required of a successful practising lawyer.

When their articles are complete, we expect that students from Beard Winter LLP will have a sound grounding in the “day to day” requirements of carrying on a legal practice.  Read what some of our students have to say about the program.

Orientation Day

An Orientation Day will be held in July of each year, at the time of the transition between outgoing and incoming articling students. The purpose of the day is to provide incoming students with an overview of basic office systems and procedures, an introduction to the lawyers and staff, and also seminars designed to address the “basics” of appearing in court.


The Articling program at Beard Winter LLP offers a three-part rotation in the following areas:

  1. Corporate / Commercial Litigation;
  2. Insurance Litigation


To further enhance the articling experience, seminars are offered covering various areas of practice, commencing in the first month of employment with the firm. Seminars are generally offered in the following areas:

  • Motions
  • Law Firm Economics
  • Drafting Pleadings
  • Conduct and Etiquette at the Bar
  • Small Claims Court
  • The Basics of Insurance Law
  • Research Techniques
  • Accident Benefits 101
  • Surveillance and Discoveries
  • Assessing an insurance claim
  • Negotiations
  • Mediations
  • Discovery workshop
  • Will Drafting
  • Before the Retainer
  • Estate Planning
  • Banking Law
  • Construction Liens
  • Family Law
  • Jurisdiction/ Conflict of Laws
  • Real Estate Law

Mentor Systems

Students have been designated principals who also act as mentors. These mentors will act as advisors and confidantes and will be available at all times to provide encouragement, advice and guidance as required.

While we welcome your email and look forward to hearing from you, please note that sending this email does not create a solicitor-client relationship, or any other contractual business relationship, between you and Beard Winter LLP. We would ask that you refrain from asking specific legal questions and/or divulging information that you wish to keep confidential.