January 14, 2019

Beard Winter LLP joins the Law Firm Alliance (LFA)

Beard Winter LLP joins the Law Firm Alliance (LFA)

At Beard Winter LLP the needs of our clients come first. Today, we took our responsibility to serve our clients to the next level by joining the Law Firm Alliance (LFA).

Founded in 2000, the LFA is a strategic alliance of mid-sized law firms that was established to provide legal clients greater access to high quality and cost-effective legal services around the globe. Law Firm Alliance’s international network of member firms lies in the combined experience of more than 50 firms and 2,500 attorneys throughout North America, South America, Europe and Asia, all with a deep commitment to client service. Through the Law Firm Alliance, member firms refer client matters to members in other locales with the knowledge that their client’s legal needs will be met with the highest level of quality and service.

“We are proud to become a member of the Law Firm Alliance, which allows us to connect our clients with the expertise of professionals in full-service law firms throughout a multitude of locations, and extend our referral network for clients across Canada, the U.S., and globally,” says Victoria E. Winter, Beard Winter LLP’s Managing Partner.

Learn more about the Law Firm Alliance here.

About Beard Winter LLP

Established in 1964, Beard Winter LLP is a full-service, mid-sized law firm located in Toronto’s financial core. With 60 lawyers practising in a variety of areas, ranging from insurance law and private client services to family law and real estate, clients rely on us for insightful, realistic and cost-effective legal services. We bring to the table a tradition of excellence and a thorough knowledge of legal, commercial, and business environments across a variety of fields, both domestic and international. What this means for our clients is that there is no learning curve, and no incurred costs to bring us up to speed. We know that our clients don’t appreciate wasted time, vague answers or elaborate schemes. We provide our clients with the things that they really need from their lawyers.

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