February 21, 2018

John Olah argues critical case for sports and recreation industry

John Olah argues critical case for sports and recreation industry

Written by: John A. Olah

John A. Olah is quoted in the Law Times article “Cases could have impact on recreational facilities” about a case he argued before the Court of Appeal, on February 7, 2018. The case involves the Ontario Court of Appeal being asked to interpret a possible conflict between two provincial statutes that could have huge consequences for ski resorts and other recreational activities that carry the risk of injury.

“This case has significant implications for both the continued enjoyment of recreational activities by Ontario’s citizens and the recreation industry generally,” said lawyer John Olah in written submissions on behalf of Blue Mountain. “It has particular significance to the ski industry and for any sports activities, which, have by the nature of the sport, an inherent element of risk,” wrote Olah, a partner at Beard Winter LLP in Toronto.

Read the Law Times article. | Cases could have impact on recreational facilities | February 12, 2018 | Written By Shannon Kari

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