April 11, 2018

Family law tips for estate and trust practitioners: part 2

Family law tips for estate and trust practitioners: part 2

By AdvocateDaily.com Staff

A little family law familiarity can go a long way for estate and trust practitioners, says Toronto family lawyer Jennifer Samara Shuber.

Shuber, a lawyer with Beard Winter LLP, recently addressed the monthly meeting of the Toronto Junior Trusts and Estates Practitioners’ Group, telling her audience that their clients’ estate and financial issues will also have a host of family law implications and repercussions.

“If you have an understanding of how family law impacts on your clients, you can help them to protect themselves and their loved ones from the unexpected and often unintended repercussions of their decisions,” she said.

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This is the second part of an abbreviated version of Shuber’s top family law tips for estate and trust practitioners. You can find part 1 here.

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