March 8, 2022

Happy International Women’s Day 2022 from Beard Winter LLP

Happy International Women’s Day 2022 from Beard Winter LLP

Today, we mark International Women’s Day. March 8 is an important day to celebrate women’s social, economic, cultural and political achievements and call for gender equality. We acknowledge the contributions and achievements of our incredible women professionals, law clerks, support staff and students and our accomplished women clients.

Meet Beard Winter’s inspiring and talented women lawyers:

Victoria E. Winter, Managing Partner

Kendall Andjelkovic

Colleen E. Arsenault

Sabina Arulampalam

Lauren Bloom

Bonnie Clarke

Francesca D’Aquila Kelly

Loretta De Thomasis

Penny Georgoudis

Neelofar Haseeb

Ibtisam Jemal

Tessie Kalogeras

Christina Kim

Shelly Kubik

Colleen Mackeigan

Jananie Manoharan

Shannon Mulholland

Agnes Ng

Emma Parry

Candace Santaguida

Stefania Sdao

Audrey Shecter

Diana Shligold

Andrea Tratnik

Jillian Van Allen

Elisabeth van Rensburg

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