May 30, 2020

Lori Isaj contributes to Taxes & Wealth Management May 2020 edition

Lori Isaj contributes to Taxes & Wealth Management May 2020 edition

Written by: Lori Isaj

Beard Winter LLP estate and trust planning lawyer Lori Isaj has co-authored an article with partner Lucinda Main in the May 2020 edition of Thomson Reuters’ Taxes & Wealth Management newsletter.

In the May 2020 article, Execution of Wills and Powers of Attorney During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Ontario, Lori says that as a result of the pandemic “many individuals are now keenly interested in finalizing documents which have remained unsigned, updating out of date documents or finally getting around to considering their estate planning.”  With social distancing protocols in place, it is important to still follow proper execution of the documents, adding that “failure to follow the proper procedure for execution of the documents risks invalidating the documents.” The article discusses the legislation that currently provides for remote and virtual execution of wills and powers of attorney in counterpart.

Taxes & Wealth Management examines a wide range of subjects that impact private companies and high net worth individuals such as tax, estate, and trust matters and other topics that relate to wealth management.

Lori Isaj is an associate in the firm’s Trusts and Estates Group. Acting for a wide range of individuals and trust companies, her practice focuses on estate and trust planning and administration.

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