April 11, 2019

Lucinda (Lucy) Main joins Taxes & Wealth Management editorial board

Lucinda (Lucy) Main joins Taxes & Wealth Management editorial board

Written by: Lucinda (Lucy) E. Main

Beard Winter LLP tax and estates planning partner Lucinda (Lucy) E. Main has joined the editorial board of Thomson Reuters’ Taxes & Wealth Management quarterly publication.

Taxes & Wealth Management examines a wide range of subjects that impact private companies and high net worth individuals such as tax, estate and trust matters and other topics that relate to wealth management.

Lucy E. Main advises Canadian and international clients on a wide range of estate and trust matters, including drafting estate planning documents, establishing private charitable foundations for individuals and families, helping with the administration of estates, assisting in the setting up and maintenance of trusts and providing support to litigators in contentious matters. To reach Lucy, email her at lmain@beardwinter.com.

Beard Winter’s Wills, Trusts and Estates group provides comprehensive services in the areas of estate planning and administration, business succession planning, international and domestic trusts, estate litigation, and not-for-profit and charity matters.

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